MASTEM - Acoustic Soundproofing Systems

Elimination of noise:

coming from walls, noise reflections (reverberation, echo), ,
sound space enhacement for home cinemas.

Room adaptation:

rehearsal rooms, fitness clubs,
acoustic rooms, recording studios etc.


Scope of operation:

  • Call center rooms
  • Walls, ceilings, floors in terraced houses
  • Kindergartens, nurseries, music schools.
  • Training rooms, conference rooms, hotel rooms.
  • Soundproof utility rooms.
  • Production halls, boiler rooms, conditioners, basements, workshops, recording studios etc.
  • Attic adaptation.

Best quality materials. Supplied by the best Polish and Western companies in producer prices.
Our cooperation with designers allows us to find the most appropriate material for interior decoration.

If you are planning to soundproof / insulate walls, to set the audio monitoring room, home cinema, recording studio or industrial sound insulation, we invite you to embrace our offer.

We will design and assembly the installation for the particular room. We also offer advice on designing the room from scratch or adjusting the existing interior.

We are working in the Silesia region, we do business trips, too.
Materials are available in retail and wholesale.
Shipments are delivered within the whole area of Poland.

Our consulting engineer remains at your disposal.

We invite you to contact us and make use of our services.

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